Creativity Roundup – Sept/Oct

General, Updates

Hello there!

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted anything on here. Life in Oregon has, for the time, settled as the imminent threat from the wildfires has passed. I’ve been able to get back home (and I’m very grateful to still have a home to go back to) and have been hard at work this month on all sorts of projects. Everything from book writing to dice making and digital art has been in the works these past few weeks.


I have been doing so, so much art lately and have seen a lot of improvement over the past few months. I’ve been doing a lot of D&D related art, some character commissions for fellow D&D players, as well as the Halloween inspired art that is pretty much mandatory to do in October 😀

I also did an art trade with over on Instagram which was a lot of fun. We ended up drawing each others D&D characters. Out of the three choices, I chose to draw their paladin, Khora!

He is doing some really great D&D related art for inktober, so be sure to head on over and give his profile some love!

As always, you can find all my latest work and process images over on Instagram!

For art commissions, you can find information here!

I was also recently commissioned to come up with some title art for a Vampire: The Masquerade game ran by KLC Game Master. I am so happy with how these turned out and love that we agreed on doing a separate color scheme for each game setting.

You can check out these campaigns over on Youtube!


Y’all. Dice making is…not easy. At all. I mean, I’m invested now. I have tools. I have made my own molds. I have my own master dice, but with that said… getting started has been just…woah dang.

I think I’ve finally gotten to a good spot though. I have working, functional molds by which to make dice and will be pulling a fresh new set with (hopefully) minimal problems out of my pressure pot tomorrow.

Despite the difficulties of just getting started into the foray of dice making, the whole process really just clicks with me on a lot of levels. It’s a nice creative project that requires a level of attention to details and focus that I really enjoy. And I get really awesome, glimmering, glitter-filled click clack math rocks out of the process and I love it. (Everyone is getting dice for Christmas, whether they play D&D or not!)

Now that I have a functional working process, I’ll probably be posting a lot more about it. For now, here are some pictures of the various molds I’ve made, a failed set of test dice, as well as a test D6 that ended up with my dogs hair in it cause he has to be involved in everything.

I ordered my master dice from RevelBrokerDice on Etsy and I LOVE them. They polished up so, so nicely!

That wraps it up for today! Have a great week and check back soon for more creative shenanigans!

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