Oregon Wildfires


As of yesterday, my family was evacuated from our home. We’re safe, we have shelter, but we’re still waiting to see which way the winds blow, if it’ll drive the fire towards our home, and if anything of our town will still be standing when this is all said and done.

Much of my hometown – the places I grew up, the businesses I knew and loved, the parks where I played, the homes of friends where I spent many nights and days – is gone, nothing left but rubble and ash. The sheer impact these fires have had already has been overwhelming, and the destruction is not over yet. I know far too many people with nothing left, that have lost their homes and businesses and way of life. We have a very long road ahead of us to recover and the impact these fires have had on all of us will be felt for years to come.

Things are going to be a little quiet around here while I wait for things to settle and see if there will be a home to go back to.

Below is a link to our local credit union. They are currently collecting donations to help with the relief efforts here in the Rogue Valley and will be matching all donations up to $50,000.


There are also thousands of families with GoFundMe pages needing help right now to get back on their feet. Anything you can spare can go a long way in helping bring some sense of normality back to their lives while they recover from this.

To everyone in Oregon: Stay safe. My heart goes out to all of you suffering through this right now.

We’ll get through this.